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Do you charge coaches/ retailers/ facility owners for a listing?

Currently we do not charge coaches/retailers/ facility owners for their listing. We might impose a charge in the future to offset the high cost of running this portal.

What services are there for advertisers and marketers?

We do offer advertisement spaces, placements in our newsletter and advertorial articles to businesses for announcements. Please contact sales@sportsanity.com.sg

I am a competition/ league organizer and I want to least the event details and results on your website, how do I go about doing this?

Right now, as we are feeding the events calendar from Sports Council, please refer to xxxx for details on how to go about listing your event there. The event will also be reflected onto our site once approved. For results, we do have our own page for results and you can simply just fill in the form and submit your results online. Alternatively, you can contact admin@sportsanity.com.sg and someone will assist you. 

I submitted the results of my event on your website but it has been 3 days and it still cannot be seen.

During peak periods, we might be swamped with too many requests and thus may take a longer time to approve the listing. Do bear with us. If it has not been uploaded after more than 5 days, do contact us at admin@sportsanity.com.sg

I would like to place a SportSanity banner on my website. How can I go about doing so?

We would love to have our banner placed on your website. Do contact us at feedback@sportsanity.com.sg and we can provide you with a good collection of our flash banners to use on your website.