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What is the SportSanity Premier Card?    

The SportSanity Premier Card is Singapore's First Sports & Wellness Discount Card Program that provides users with discounts at over 80 sports, fitness & wellness related merchants in Singapore. In addition, members will also have access to more than $720 worth of free trials including two gym passes. SportSanity will also conduct free giveaways for members from time to time. 

How much does it cost to sign up for the Premier Card?    

The SportSanity Premier Card is priced at $25 for a 1 year membership. Members will be given a welcome pack that comes with their personalised membership card, a set of free trial vouchers and a discount booklet. 

What is the validity of the Premier Card?    

The Premier Card is valid for 1 year.    

What are the benefits of the SportSanity Premier Card? 

As a Premier Card holder, you will get to enjoy discounts at over 80 sports merchants across various categories ranging from retail, coaching, gyms, sports facilities & even mental training services. Some brands on board the program include Singapore’s largest sports retailer Royal Sporting House, as well as renowned retailers such as Key Power International, Nutrifirst and the world’s largest sports retailer Decathlon.  For the full list of discounts, please refer to http://www.sportsanity.com.sg/site/member-discounts. In addition, for every new signup or renewal, the card holder will be able to select from two sets of free trial vouchers worth $784 and $270 respectively. Both sets of vouchers can be viewed at the same link above under the free trial sections.

How can I register for the SportSanity Premier Card? 

A: The SportSanity Premier Card is currently only available for sale online through our portal and at specific events. If you are currently not a SportSanity member, simply go to our website at www.SportSanity.com.sg and click on the register section. You will be directed to purchase the Premier Card. For existing SportSanity members, you will be able to get yourself a Premier Card by selecting the” Get A Premier Card” option under your user panel at the top right hand of the screen after login.

What is the difference between the SportSanity Premier Card and the SportSanity Privilege Card?    

The SportSanity Privilege Card is a generic card that is not for sale and only available through events sponsored by SportSanity or during free giveaways. The Privilege card does not come with the free trials and are only valid for 3 to 6 months. On the other hand, SportSanity Premier Card is personalised with your name and come with a set of free trial vouchers worth more than $720 dollars, including a discount booklet. In addition, members of the Premier Card are eligible for exciting giveaways conducted by SportSanity and its partners from time to time. 

What are the free trials I am entitled to?    

Premier Card members will be able to select from two sets of free trials. Set A is recommended for adults while Set B is recommended for children. Each member will only be entitled to one set of free trials voucher per signup.

Is there any way I am able to get the other set of vouchers as well?    

At the current moment, we do not offer such a service. Members will only be allowed to choose one set of discount voucher (i.e. Set A or Set B) during each signup. 

What is the validity of the free trial vouchers?    

All free trial vouchers have a validity of 6 months from the date of signup.

The expiry date has ran out on my vouchers, can I get an extension?

We understand that time flies way to fast. Unfortunately, we will not be able to extend the expiry date on your vouchers because our free trials are offered based on fixed partnership duration with our partners. As such, we will not be able to unilaterally extend the expiry date. 

I misplaced my vouchers, will I be able to get a replacement?    

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide you with a replacement.

My friend bought the card one month ago and it has a different set of free trial vouchers to mine    

Our partner merchants change from time to time as we strive to offer you the most popular and relevant free trials. As such, the free trials provided are specifically designed to allow for a refreshed set of activities after a certain period of time. For example, if Person A signed up for the Premier Card in January, he will be offered Set W and Set X of the free trial vouchers. But if Person B signed up for the Premier Card in August might be offered Set Y and Set Z instead because of our refreshed list of free trials. However, existing members will be able to purchase the refreshed list of free trials voucher should they wish at an exclusive rate of $10 per set. 

Payment was charged to me but I did not receive any email confirming my purchase. Did my transaction go through?    

You should receive a confirmation email within an hour after you have successfully made payment for the Premier Card. If you do not receive the confirmation email, kindly reach us at admin@sportsanity.com.sg and we will assist you to resolve the issue.  

I do not own a credit/ debit card or do not wish to pay payment online. Is there any place I can go to register for the Premier Card? 

At the current moment, you will be able to do so by heading down to Active Life Centre located in Active Life Center, #16-10 Far East Shopping Centre, 545 Orchard Rd. Singapore, 238882 to sign up. A physical form will be provided and payment can be made on the spot. Alternatively, you can drop by our office at 315 Outram Road, #14-08, Tan Boon Liat Building and we can process the application on the spot. A one day's notice will be required. To make an appointment, please contact us at admin@sportsanity.com.sg

I would like to purchase this as a gift, how can I go about doing so? 

Many of our members also purchased the Premier Card as a gift for their friends and family to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, or attend free trials together with them. We are able to facilitate the purchase of Premier Card as a gift. Simply indicate in the registration form that you would like give it as a gift and we will take care of the rest!