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What is Sport Sanity?

SportSanity is an online sports web portal initiated by 3 sports enthusiasts with the aim of providing a platform for all in the sports fraternity to connect with one another. We strive to be the most comprehensive one-stop sports portal, through provision of a wide range of services to facilitate connectivity between champions, enthusiasts, coaches, retailers and all who desire a sporty & inspirational lifestyle.

Who are the founders of SportSanity?

Please refer to the about us section to find out more.

What are the sports SportSanity currently covers?

SportSanity currently covers over 20 sports and will continue to expand the number of sports until we cover at least 95% of sports in Singapore.   To see all the sports that we cover, simply click ‘Show All’ under the ‘Find A Sport’ section just below our banner on every page.

Why does SportSanity not cover the sport I play?

We are always looking to add new sports. However, due to the constraint in manpower, time and lack of familiarity of the various sports we are not able to provide the full array of sports right now. We seek your patience as we continue to develop our list of sports.   Do drop us an email if you have a sport you are interested in bringing on board SportSanity and would like to assist us in speeding up the process. Simply drop us an email at admin@sportsanity.com.sg and someone will get in touch with you.

What are the services SportSanity provides?

SportSanity has identified the 3 pillars it believes will help achieve its goal of being a one-stop sports portal for everything sports. The 3 pillars are –   ·       Directory ·       Discounts ·       Interactive Services We hope to be a directory for every sport by providing the list of coaches, retailers and facilities for all the sports we cover as well as a listing of general sports services that enthusiasts might look for.  Through providing discounts, we hope to entice non-sports people to take up sports as well as current enthusiasts to enjoy more sports services. For each sport, we have tied up with a number of coaches and retailers to bring discounts to members.   The services we can provide you with are:Giveaways- Keep a look out and stand a chance to win giveaways sponsored by SportSanity and some of our partnersEvents Calendar- Find out whats coming up in the local sporting sceneArticles - Read interviews on our national athletes, learn more about fitness & nutrition or just find out whats going on in the sporting sceneMarketplace - Trade/Sell/ buy sporting goods with othersAsk an Expert- Ask our panel of experts who are all experienced professionals in each field any questions you might have with a sport.

What can I do with a SportSanity account?

Anyone can view the information available on SportSanity without an account but to access discounts from retailers/ coaches/ services providers, interact on the discussion board, post an ad on the marketplace, access latest promotions from our vendors, purchase a weekly deal and participate in contest and giveaways, you would require an account.

How do I sign up as a SportSanity User?

You can simply sign up for a SportSanity account by clicking register on the top right hand side of any page. The sign-up process will probably take you less than two minutes!

Is this a free service? 

The basic services on the website are free for members. However to enjoy discounts with some of our partner coaches/retailers, a membership card will be required.    

How many accounts is one user allowed?

We do not encourage users to sign up for multiple account and we hope that users will adhere to this

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, I cannot remember my password. What should I do?

If you cannot remember your password, simply click the “Forgot Password” button when you try to login. Alternatively, you can contact admin@sportsanity.com

I have a suggestion to make SportSanity a better place/ who do I contact?

We are always on the lookout for ideas to improve SportSanity. Do drop us an email at feedback@sportsanity.com.sg

It’s been awhile since I provided my feedback to the SportSanity team but I have yet to receive a reply.

We may still be bouncing around with your feedback and trying to rectify the problem. We apologize for the delay and seek your kind understanding and patience.

Can I copy some of the information on the website and place it on my blog?

No. All the data on the website has been created with our blood, sweat and tears over a long period of time. We appreciate your kind understanding and hope that what we created for the community will not be simply misused.   Additionally, most of the coaches/ retailers and facility owners do not allow anyone to simply post their listings online without permission or have granted us exclusivity   Nevertheless, we do not mind you placing a link of our website online.

It is great what you are doing for the community. I would like to contribute to the SportSanity team too. How can I go about doing so?

We would like to thank you for your support. It is our fellow team members, users and volunteers that are the source of motivation to keep us going. SportSanity is a small team and are always looking for people to join us on our journey. We would like to have you on board the team in any way you believe you can contribute. Do leave a message in our contact us section or drop us an email at admin@sportsanity.com.sg

Where is SportSanity based in?

SportSanity SG is based in the heart of Singapore. We started this to serve the sports community in Singapore.